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About Accepi

We launched Accepi after our students kept complaining about the high cost of the publishers' online homework systems, ranging from $65 to $130 per student.

Accepi is free for instructors and costs only $9.95 for students: For the price of two fancy coffees, professors and students get all the benefits of online homework.

By allowing your students to buy an older edition of the textbook, you can save your students up to $8,000, based on a class of 50 students:

  • Accepi: $9.95 for online access + $10 for a used textbook: total cost of $1,000
  • Competitors: $100 for online access + $10 for a used textbook: total cost of $5,500
  • Competitors: $180 for a new textbook with bundled online access: total of $9,000

We support most financial management and investment textbooks (see full list).

FYI: Accepi is Latin for "I have learned."

Benefits over paper and pencil

  • Instructors save time: Automatic grading gives instructors more time for other work
  • Students do their own work: Algorithmic problems give every student different numbers
  • Students learn better: Unlimited practice with instant and detailed feedback improves learning

Benefits over online competitors

  • Affordable pricing: Our price of $9.95 is 85% lower than competitors'
  • Clean and fast website: Use of modern technology results in a responsive and ADA-compliant website
  • No textbook lock-in: You can let students buy older editions, or switch textbooks with one click

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