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Students complete it online

Accepi provides detailed feedback

Why online homework

  • Instructors save time: Automatic grading gives instructors more time for other work
  • Students do their own work: Algorithmic problems give every student different numbers
  • Students learn better: Unlimited practice with instant and detailed feedback improves learning

Why Accepi

  • Affordable pricing: Our price of $9.95 is 85% lower than competitors'
  • Clean and fast website: Use of modern technology results in a responsive and ADA-compliant website
  • No textbook lock-in: You can let students buy older editions, or switch textbooks with one click
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  • Automatic grading
  • Instant and detailed feedback
  • Algorithmic problems with changing numbers
  • Students can see the solution and try again
  • Low price of $9.95
  • Support for most textbooks (see full list)
  • LMS integration: Single sign-on and grade upload
  • Conceptual, numerical and Excel problems

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Happy students

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"The strongest feature is that after the question is answered, you get a full explanation of the question." Alejandra Buznego

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"Accepi is simply great! It is a very user-friendly website. Simple, helpful and effective." Mariya Gutsu

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"This was actually the best homework site I have used in college yet!"Maayan Bick

Happy instructors

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"The design of the system is simple, elegant and powerful." Prof. Eric Aldrich

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"My students found Accepi to be a useful and valuable tool to provide extra support."Steve Nielander, CFA

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"Accepi is a great tool to help reinforce the difficult concepts."Prof. Christina Zhang

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Supported textbooks

Financial Management

  • Berk, DeMarzo & Harford: Corporate Finance
  • Besley & Brigham: CFIN
  • Brealey, Myers & Allen: Principles of Corporate Finance
  • Brigham: Fundamentals of Financial Management
  • Cornett, Adair & Nofsinger: M: Finance
  • Keown, Martin & Petty: Foundations of Finance
  • Ross, Westerfield & Jaffe: Corporate Finance
  • Zutter & Smart: Principles of Managerial Finance


  • Benninga: Principles of Finance with Excel
  • Bodie, Kane & Marcus: Essentials of Investments
  • Bodie, Kane & Marcus: Investments
  • Hirt & Block: Fundamentals of Investment Management
  • Jones: Investments: Analysis and Management
  • Jordan & Miller: Fundamentals of Investments
  • Mayo: Investments: An Introduction
  • Smart, Gitman & Joehnk: Fundamentals of Investing

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