Student voices

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"Accepi was an amazing site for homework. I felt as though even if I didn't understand why I was doing an equation/problem, the feedback received after gave full detailed explanations. It went in depth and that was much appreciated. Further, the external links provided immediate assistance in case I needed a refresher on a term or equation. Then, I was able to try the problem again and again until I was able to get it down." Kamal Bagha

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"The strongest feature is that after the question is answered, you get a full explanation of the question. It's very helpful in ensuring that we understand the material. It's probably the best homework system I've used so far." Alejandra Buznego

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"I couldn't even think of one way the website could be improved. There is no way to get lost and the interface is extremely user friendly. The site design is both simple yet classic and the solutions/retries are a great tool for learning." Tatev Avtandilian

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"I really liked using Accepi for homework because it lets you retry problems multiple times and you either don't lose points or you only lose a minimal amount of points. This is helpful because it gives you room to try on your own without worrying too much about getting the answer wrong. I also really liked that it explained the answer in detail after to help you fully understand the topic. Being able to redo the questions an unlimited number of times after was also really helpful because it gave you a lot of practice for the exams." Katharina Hofstadler

Profile photo of Jessica Marotte

"I found this system to be the most useful homework tool I have used in college. There are web links on each question to redirect students to helpful supplemental resources. There is also the option to lose a couple points on questions for step-by-step directions showing how to attain the solution before trying another randomized problem. This is system is really helpful to understand concepts rather than memorizing answers." Jessica Marotte

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"Format is convenient, feedback instantaneous. A convenient modality for submitting homework, but so much more...having multiple chances to correct a problem allows the student to figure out the correct solution without help; yet, when truly stumped, the explanation can be accessed for only a small point penalty, and the problem re-tried. Additionally, the option exists to re-approach any problem with a new set of inputs...great for practice or study. A great concept...I loved it!" Jan Jurnecka

Profile photo of Lindsey Newman

"Accepi is extremely helpful for studying for tests and learning class material. I enjoy using it and being able to see immediately if I am approaching the problems correctly and the fact that it gives me the appropriate equations once I get the answer right or ask for a hint." Lindsey Newman

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"Accepi is a great learning tool because it guides you through big problems by breaking them down into smaller steps. The explainations are very thorough, whether it be the mathematic or conceptual aspect of the problem. You may also practice concepts mutiple times with different sets of numbers." Eva Cheng

Profile photo of Lori Rosenberg

"I had never used this program until corporate finance. I felt that Accepi helped me grasp the 5 week course more smoothly. With Accepi, I was given the practice I needed to understand the subject. Every student needs a way where they can independently practice the subject and Accepi did this for me." Lori Rosenberg

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"Accepi is simply great! It is a very user-friendly website. Simple, helpful and effective." Mariya Gutsu

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"Accepi if a very effective and efficient program. The questions are both clear and fair and the program helped provide an infrastructure for me to learn the material. It definitely prepared me for the exams and the class. This program is what made my grade and I would recommend it to everyone." Alfonso Quintero

Profile photo of Cristina Valenzuela

"Accepi is a successful homework source that not only gave me instant feedback on homework, but also the ability to retry questions after I've completed them. I found these points useful when it came to studying for tests and the class chapters. It is the best homework source I have used." Cristina Valenzuela

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"Accepi is a much more streamlined and easier to use homework website in comparison to its most obvious competitor, Aplia. It's easier to use, and for a startup website, it shows promise going forward as its economies of scale increases. I think having interactive graphs that economics students could use seems like the obvious next step for Accepi, and I have high hopes for the service going forward." Sean Zetterlund

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"Accepi is an easy to use homework resource that provides immediate feedback with explanations. The problem sets have different types of problems, including conceptual, mathematical, and calculations using Excel spreadsheets. We can also practice the problems multiple times." Albertina Wang

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"Accepi was so simple to use that it allows you to focus on just doing the homework. It shows you really great examples and gives explanations that give you a better understanding of the material." Miguel Jara

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"Overall a very positive experience with this site. Others were difficult, or bothersome to understand and use. The allowance for variance and differentiation from one try to the next gives the software a more personal and rigorous feel. Great practical examples for understanding new concepts and ideas." Ryder Fletcher

Profile photo of Julieta Solis

"Its simple layout makes it easy to work with. There are many ways to solve a problem and accepi gives the most simple form of the solution as the feedback which is extremely helpful. On top of all this, you can practice countless times." Julieta Solis

Profile photo of Susana Valdez

"Accepi is user-friendly, the layout is simple yet intriguing. The program is very helpful with tests and guiding one towards the right steps and topics to study. Over all, it's an amazing program that I would recommend for other courses, especially for math courses." Susana Valdez

Profile photo of Claire Madeline Chavez

"I really liked Accepi because of the step by step problems, and how it was extremely helpful for studying for the exams by using the practice option!" Claire Madeline Chavez

Profile photo of S O'Meara

"I really enjoyed using Accepi, and liked that it allowed for multiple submissions which forced further investigation to really learn the concepts; and if you weren't able to find the solution you were able to request it and try it again with different numbers. A great way to learn concepts and reinforce that learning. Excellent interface! I would highly recommend it to other students and educators!" S O'Meara

Profile photo of Rebecca Ehlinger

"I really like Accepi because I can track my progress and see feedback instantly. I know right away which problems are hard to do, but I can fix my mistakes right away as well. This helps the learning process a lot. I also like that I can go back to the problems any time and re-do them with new variables because this is good practice for tests. Accepi is easier for both students and graders! I would recommend it to all professors and students." Rebecca Ehlinger

Profile photo of Talia L.

"Accepi was affordable, easy to use, and overall helpful for learning the concepts and problems taught in class. In particular, features like the ability to see the answer and try problems again made math questions more manageable and took away some of the frustration that often comes from not getting the answer first time. I consistently found that after finishing a homework set, I was much more familiar with the material." Talia L.

Profile photo of Max Meyer

"Accepi is a useful online homework website. Not only is it a lot cheaper than the main online homework websites, it also is easier to navigate and doesn't cause lag. The questions were fair and i like the system how you can view the answer and lose 2 points. So you won't be in fear of losing too many points but you can actually learn the concepts. Very useful website, I definitely recommend that professors start using this instead of the brand name online homework websites." Max Meyer

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"I think that this website was very helpful and problems were fair questions. There are only two minor problems that I had with this website. Sometimes the rounding of the numbers are very strict, and I wish that there was an option to do a similar problem to help solve the actual problem. Overall, Accepi is one of my favorite online homework websites, and I would recommend this to other people." Raymond Jiang

Profile photo of >Maayan Bick

"I loved Accepi because it was a very easy-to-use website for doing homework. This was actually the best homework site I have used in college yet! I really liked how you can re-work the problems for practice without getting penalized." Maayan Bick

Instructor voices

Profile photo of Mark Farley

"My students continue to praise Accepi for its simplicity and user-friendly interface, and their grades have improved overall."Prof. Mark Farley, UTM

Profile photo of Amy DuBois

"Accepi has been a wonderful tool for my finance classes and has made my life and the life of the students so much easier. The two things that are particularly helpful are the ‘real-time’ help the program offers students and the fact that it is graded right away. To top it off, the customer support has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I am so grateful to have this tool available for my class!"Prof. Amy DuBois, CIU

Profile photo of Nazli Sila Alan

"I am so happy with Accepi and your responsiveness, that I wanted to thank you! It was super easy to create my exam, edit the questions to my taste, rename them, etc. All this editing would have easily taken me 2+ hours on MyFinLab, I was able to do in less than half hour with Accepi."Prof. Nazli Sila Alan, Fairfield University

Profile photo of Eric Aldrich

"The design of the system is simple, elegant and powerful. Not only was the software intuitive to use, it allowed me and my TA to focus attention on important aspects of the course, rather than grading."Prof. Eric Aldrich, UCSC

Profile photo of Mo Hassan

"Accepi provided students with a range of problem solving assignments that were helpful and beneficial in learning the chapters' material. The system is intuitive and easy to use. Accepi setup encouraged students to participate and complete problem solving assignments."Prof. Mo Hassan, Cabrillo College

Profile photo of Joe Marks

"I am very impressed with Accepi. It has been a great addition to my course and I would not hesitate to recommend it."Prof. Joe Marks, Northeastern University

Profile photo of Cate Miller

"We switched to Accepi from another online-based homework. The students’ feedback was that Accepi was more user-friendly, easier to use, helpful in explaining how to solve some of the problems and overall a great support tool in learning the material."Cate Miller, MBA; CSUMB

Profile photo of Stephen Nielander

"My students found Accepi to be a useful and valuable tool to provide extra support in the effort to understand the complexities inherent in Financial Management courses."Steve Nielander, CFA; SDSU

Profile photo of Bernard Elbaum

"A particular strong point is that the website allows students to retry homework questions, after seeing the solution. With each retry, students lose some credit, and the numbers in the question and the answer change randomly. This is a distinctive and pedagogically very useful feature. Students can see solution concepts when they attempt homework, but must then apply the solution concept to a different numerical setting in order to earn credit."Prof. Bernard Elbaum, UCSC

Profile photo of Maria Rengifo-Ruess

"My students used Accepi to test their knowledge and comprehension of the materials covered in class while I used it as a tool to assess their learning. Accepi is a very user-friendly, well-organized tool offering benefits to both students and teachers. Additionally, I was impressed with the responsiveness and quality of support from the organization."Maria Rengifo-Ruess, MBA; CSUMB

Profile photo of Nirvikar Singh

"The range and level of questions was well-suited for the course material. The students appreciated the immediate feedback. The teaching assistants were freed of much of the drudgery of grading. The user interface was simple and convenient."Prof. Nirvikar Singh, UCSC

Profile photo of Christina Zhang

"Students found Accepi to be useful, and they loved the instant feedback they received. Accepi is a great tool to help reinforce the difficult concepts."Prof. Christina Zhang, CSUMB