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Canvas integration

LTI 1.3 (recommended)

One-time installation by a Canvas administrator

You need to have Canvas administrator privileges to add Accepi as an external tool to Canvas. Please ask your Canvas administrator to complete the steps below:

  1. In Canvas, create a new developer LTI key following these instructions:
    • In Global Navigation, click the Admin link, then click the name of the account.
    • In Account Navigation, click the Developer Keys link.
    • Click the Add Developer Key button. Then click the Add LTI Key option.
    • Enter the settings for the LTI key:
      • Key name: Accepi
      • Owner email:
      • Redirect URIs:
      • Configuration Method: Enter URL
      • JSON URL:
    • Click on the Save button.
    • Make sure the State switch is set to On.
    • Copy the client ID (the number in the Details column above the Show Key button; item 3 in this screenshot).
  2. Add the tool to Canvas following these instructions:
    • Click on the Settings link in the Admin Account Navigation menu (don't use the Settings link in the course navigation menu or you'll have to repeat this entire process every semester).
    • Click the Apps tab.
    • Click the View App Configurations button.
    • Click the blue Add App (+App) button on top.
    • Select the Configuration Type drop-down menu and set the configuration type to By Client ID.
    • Paste in the client ID from step 1.
    • Click on the Submit button.
    • Click the Install button.
    • On the External Apps page, click the gear icon beside the Accepi tool.
    • Click on Deployment Id (item 5 in this screenshot) and copy the deployment ID.
  3. Please send the following information to It usually takes us 24 hours to process the information. Once done, the instructor can use Accepi in Canvas.
    • The client ID from step 1,
    • The deployment ID from step 2,
    • Whether your Canvas instance is hosted by Instructure, or self-hosted (in which case we also need your issuer identifier, e.g.,

Per-course activation by the instructor

  1. Enable the link to Accepi in the course navigation following these instructions:
    • In Canvas, navigate to the course to which you want to add Accepi.
    • In the Course Navigation menu on the left, click the Settings link.
    • Click the Navigation tab.
    • Drag and drop the Accepi link from the hidden section to the top section. You might have to reload the page for the link to show up.
    • Click the Save button.
  2. Integrate Accepi assignments into Canvas:
    • Click on "Accepi integration" in the left menu bar in Canvas.
    • Log in with your Accepi email and password (you only have to do this once).
    • Choose the course from your Accepi courses that you want to integrate into Canvas.
    • Choose the assignments that you want to integrate into Canvas.
    • Click on "Submit" and wait.
    • The Accepi assignments should now show up on the Canvas Assignments page. If you use Canvas modules, please add each assignment to the corresponding module.
    • Check the due dates on the assignments, both on Accepi and in Canvas (they don't transfer).

LTI 1.1 (deprecated)

Log in directly on the Accepi website (not through the LMS), create a new course and choose the "LMS LTI 1.1" access type on the course page. Leave this window open and log into your LMS in a different window or tab. Add a new content link or assignment and copy and paste the information from the course page: the consumer key and shared secret, and either the launch or the configuration URL.

An administrator (or the instructor if they were given access rights) has to add Accepi as an external tool:

  1. On the Accepi website, create a new course or navigate to the course that you want to integrate into Canvas (Note: Do not change the integration method while a course is in progress, or all student data will be recorded and reported separately for the two integration methods)
  2. For the course that you want to integrate, please change the access type to "LMS LTI 1.1"
  3. On Canvas, click on Settings, Apps, View app configurations
  4. Click on the blue "Add app" button (if you don't see the button, your Canvas administrators have turned it off for you)
  5. Select the Configuration Type drop-down menu and set the configuration type to By URL
  6. Enter "Accepi" in the Name field
  7. Copy the key and secret from the Accepi course page to the relevant fields on this page
  8. In the Configuration URL field, enter ""
  9. Click on "Submit"

Canvas documentation for administrators

The instructor can then integrate Accepi into their Canvas course:

  1. In Course Navigation, click the "Assignments" link
  2. Click the "Add Assignment" button
  3. Enter an assignment name, e.g., "Homework" or "Accepi"
  4. In the "Submission Type" drop-down menu, select the "External Tool" option
  5. Type "Accepi" into the search field and click on "Find"
  6. Click on "Accepi" in the list of search results
  7. Click the "Load in a new tab" checkbox
  8. Click on "Select"
  9. Click on the "Save & Publish" button

Canvas documentation for instructors