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Brightspace integration

LTI 1.3

Please contact us at to help you integrate Accepi.

LTI 1.1

Log in directly on the Accepi website (not through the LMS), create a new course and choose the "LMS LTI 1.1" access type on the course page. Leave this window open and log into your LMS in a different window or tab. Add a new content link or assignment and copy and paste the information from the course page: the consumer key and shared secret, and either the launch or the configuration URL.

An administrator has to add Accepi as an external tool:

  1. On the Accepi website, create a new course or navigate to the course that you want to integrate into Brightspace (Note: Do not change the integration method while a course is in progress, or all student data will be recorded and reported separately for the two integration methods)
  2. For the course that you want to integrate, please change the access type to "LMS LTI 1.1"
  3. Log into Brightspace as an administrator
  4. From the Admin Tools menu (the gear icon), click External Learning Tools
  5. Click the Manage Tool Providers tab
  6. Click New Tool Provider
  7. In the Launch Point field, enter ""
  8. In the Version field, choose "1.1"
  9. In the OAuth Signature Method field, choose "HMAC-SHA1"
  10. In the Secret field, enter the shared secret from the Accepi course page
  11. Check the "Use custom tool consumer information instead of default" check box and enter the consumer key from the Accepi course page
  12. Under Security Settings, check the boxes for tool consumer information, context information, course information, LTI user ID and role, user name, and system role
  13. Under "Make tool provider available to:" click on the "Add Org Units" button" and select the courses that are allowed to use Accepi.
  14. Click Save

Set up integration with a tool provider

The instructor can then integrate Accepi into their Brightspace course:

  1. Logged into Brightspace, go to your course
  2. Click on "Content" on the main navigation menu
  3. Click on the “Add Existing Activities” button
  4. Click on the “External Learning Tools” menu item
  5. Select "Create New LTI Link"
  6. Enter a name, e.g., homework or Accepi, and "" as the LTI URL
  7. Click "Create and Insert"
  8. Return to the assignments list and locate the assignment you just created and click on it
  9. Scroll down to the Activity Details box at the bottom of the page. Under the heading "Assessment", click "Add a grade item"
  10. Click the "+" button, add a name and set a point value (100 is good)
  11. Click on "Create" at the bottom, then the blue "Save" button
  12. Return to the assignments list and locate the assignment you just created. Click the small arrow next to the assignment title and select "Edit properties in-place"
  13. Check the box labeled "Open as External Resource"
  14. Click on "Update"

Add an existing course object to Content