Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more help?

Hover the mouse over icons and words with dashed underlining to get contextual help. You can also email us at for further help.

How do I change my password (if you don't access Accepi through your LMS)?

If you still know your password, log in and click on "My account" (top right) and choose a new password. If you don't know your password anymore, try to log in with any incorrect password and click on the "Forgot password" link that appears after an incorrect login attempt.

For students

How can I join my professor's course?

Follow your instructor's instructions: either log in through your learning management system, or use the registration link handed out by your instructor. The link should look like, but with a different token at the end.

I've dropped the course. How can I get a refund?

You can request a refund within 20 days of payment by emailing us at with your name, email address and the course for which you request a refund.

How do I submit a homework assignment?

All your work is submitted automatically on the due date.

Your rounding is ridiculous. What's going on?

Your instructor sets the answer tolerance. The default is 2%, i.e., any submitted answer within 2% of the correct solution is accepted. Our intermediate calculations are not rounded, but the number of decimal places displayed is limited (you wouldn't want to look at numbers that all have 64 decimal places). If in doubt, use more decimal places in your calculations.

Your solution is wrong. How can I get my points back?

Make sure your answer is correct by comparing your approach to the solution. Make sure that you didn't round any intermediate results used to derive your final answer. If you still think that our solution is wrong and yours is right, click on the flag icon and explain why you think our solution is wrong. If you're right, we will give you full points for that part.

What happens when I click on "See solution"?

You will see the solution for that part and can then try the part again with different numbers to earn the remaining points for that part. Depending on your instructor's settings, you may lose some points for requesting to see the solution.

What happens when I click on "Practice again"?

You can practice the problem again with different numbers. It will not affect your recorded points or your assignment score.

For faculty

How do I get started?

Send your syllabus to and we will create assignments for you based on your syllabus. Alternatively, request instructor access and click on "Create new course" on the courses page, then click on "Create new" to create your first assignment.

How can my students enroll?

Either choose LMS integration (see below) or give your students the registration link shown on the course page. The link should look like, but with a different token at the end.

How can I remove a student?

Click on "Manage people" on the course page, then on the "x" to the right of the student's name. You should remove students when they dropped the course or registered twice.

How can I add problems from your question bank?

Click on "Add existing problems" on any assignment page. Select a source textbook and chapter, click on a problem title to view it, then click on the blue "Add" button.

How can I remove a problem?

On the relevant assignment page, hover over the title of the problem you want to remove. An "x" will appear on the right of the title. Click on the "x" to remove the problem. To undelete, click on the red symbol that appears above.

How can I rename a course or assignment?

Click on the course or assignment title on the course or assignment page and make your changes, then click outside to save your edits.

How can I reuse a course that I used previously?

Hover over the row with the course that you want to reuse on the courses page, then click on the copy icon that appears on the right.

How can I change the order of assignments or problems?

Drag and drop assignments or problems into the correct order on the course or assignment page: click and hold onto the row that you want to move, then move the mouse up or down (while still holding the left mouse button) until it's in the desired order.

How can I make assignments appear at the right time?

Make the assignment public on the assignment page and choose an open date in the future. Students are only able to see and work on public assignments between their open date and due date. To change the open or due date, enter a date in this format: 6/20/2015 (or alternatively, 6/20/2015 12:00 AM).

How can I create an online quiz or exam?

Create an assignment with the questions that you want to be on the quiz. Change the assignment type from homework to exam on the assignment page.

How can I create a paper quiz with different versions?

Create an assignment with the questions that you want to be on the quiz. Click on "Print" on the assignment page. You can choose to print just the questions or the questions and answers (answer key). You can change all numbers by clicking on "Change numbers" in order to create different versions of the quiz. Important: Before clicking on "Change numbers", make sure to print the answer key for yourself or to print it to pdf to distribute it to your students after the quiz.

How can I change the required answer precision, maximum number of attempts or penalties for incorrect answers?

Click on "Edit settings" on the course home page.

How can I allow students to see the solution when they're stuck?

Click on "Edit settings" on the course home page and select "When requested and after final answer" from the selection box next to "Show solution".

How can I change a problem to better suit my course?

Click on "Edit" in the top right corner on the solve page. Any edits you make will only affect your own course.

How can I add TAs or other instructors to my course?

Click on "Manage people" on the course page.

How can I give a student an extension for an assignment?

Click on "Extensions" on the respective assignment page and enter a new due date next to the student's name, then click outside the input field to save the date.

How can I see students' scores and/or download them?

Click on "See results" on the course page (to see all scores) or any assignment page (to see the assignment results). The course results page also give you an option to download scores in CSV format.

How can I inspect students' answers and/or give them more points?

Click on the student's score on the results page.

What is the difference between homework, practice and exams?

Practice assignments do not count towards students' total score, while homework and exams do. The only difference between homework and exams are the settings on the "Edit settings" page, which you can adjust.

LMS integration

Why should I enable access through the learning management system (LMS)?

Integrating Accepi with your LMS allows students to access Accepi directly from the LMS, without having to log into the Accepi website every single time (single sign-on). In addition, it makes it easier for you to transfer the Accepi scores into the gradebook of your LMS.

How can Accepi work with my LMS?

Accepi fully supports the LTI 1.1 standard, which is supported by all common learning management systems (including those that are LTI 2.0 compliant).

How do I let my students access Accepi through our LMS?

Log in directly on the Accepi website (not through the LMS), create a new course and choose the "LMS" access type on the course page. Leave this window open and log into your LMS in a different window or tab. Add a new content link or assignment and copy and paste the information from the course page: the consumer key and shared secret, and either the launch or the configuration URL.

Can you give me the steps for my specific LMS?

Here are instructions for common systems:

How can I upload the Accepi scores to the gradebook of the LMS?

Automatic score transfer only works if Accepi was added to your LMS as an item with a corresponding gradebook entry, and if you access Accepi through the LMS. In that case, you can navigate to the course results page (click on "See results" on the course page) and click on the button "Upload to LMS". Please note that an individual student's score gets uploaded to the LMS whenever the student visits the course results page, but you should update all scores by clicking on "Upload to LMS" before determining the final grades for the course.

More questions? Please contact us at